Candle wick trimmers are designed to trim the wick and catch the trimmings.

Regular trimming of the wick will keep your candle clean and extend the life of your candle.

In order to ensure a bright flame and even wax melt, the wick should be trimmed to about 6-8mm in length.

Use the trimmer before you relight your candle to give your wick the perfect start.

This wick trimmer is about 18cm long, has a specially designed tray that catches the wick trimmings as you trim and is made from steel with a pewter finish.


Use the wick dipper to extinguish your candles without the wick smoking. Simply push the burning wick into the melted wax pool, lift it out, and re-centre the wick

Candles light quicker and the wick burns better because it is coated in wax and won’t become brittle.

This wick dipper is about 18cm long and is made from steel with a pewter finish.