Containers and Prices

Erica Soy Candles are made to order.

Just choose your favourite fragrance and container.

Erica Soy Candles offers a range of glass and tin containers as well as melts and tea lights.


The METRO JAR comes in clear glass and 4 sizes.

It is a stright sided jar with a firm fitting lid. The lid is either flat or with a small knob on top.

Small – 50ml – burn time 12 hours – $12.00 

Medium – 160ml – burn time 40 hours  – $22.00 

Large – 250ml – burn time 52 hours – $30.00 

Extra Large – 420ml – burn time 60 hours – $34.00 

 Metro Jars


The VOTIVE comes in clear glass in 1 size.

Some colours available.

Small – 90ml – burn time 18 hours – $9.00 



The TUMBLER comes in clear glass in 3 sizes.

A flat topped, white metal lid is also available at no extra charge.

Medium – 225ml – burn time 50 hours- $21.00

Large – 350ml – burn time 55 hours – $26.00

Extra-Large – 500ml – burn time 60 hours – $35.00


The TIN is silver metal and comes in 4 sizes.

They come with a unique decretive coloured paper “collar”.

Small  – 60ml – burn time 12 hours – $9.00

Medium  – 100ml – burn time 20 hours – $13.00  

Large – 125ml – burn time 21.5 hours – $15.00

Extra Large – 200ml – burn time 28 hours – $17.00

NOTE:  You can choose to have your tin with or with out the paper collar decoration.

Travel Tin

Travel Tin


There are six MELTS per set and you can have any fragrance (but only one fragrance is possible per set).

One size – 100ml – burn time 10 hours per melt – $7.00 




The TEA LIGHTS come in a pack of six (one fragrance only per pack). 
Each TEA LIGHT will burn for around 6 hours each.
Un-fragranced tea light - 20ml – burn time 6 hours per tea light - 6 for $8.00
Fragranced tea light - 20ml – burn time 6 hours per tea light - 6 for $10.00
Tea Lights

Tea Lights

NOTE: The total price is inclusive of wax, wicks, fragrance and time to make the candle.

NOTE: Burn time is how long your candle will last. Times listed here are approximate burning times only. Although I have tested these times, I cannot guarantee the exact burn time. Influencing factors such as temperature, the location of the candle (drafts), the length of time you burn your candle on each use and the time in between each use will affect the burn time.  



Contains a melt burner, 6 x unfragranced tea lights a pack of soy melts $26.00


Contains a wick cutter and a wick trimmer $16.00